Welcome to Lawyers for African development.


L4AD or Lawyers for African Development is an independent non-political think tank.

We seek and formulate ideas, strategies and research with the interests of Africa in mind.


We aim to engage and work with all stake holders to make a contribution to policy making for the development and prosperity of Africa.


We know that for those goals to be realised, a number of issues have to be tackled.


Namely peace, Good governance, Sustainable security, Rule of law, Accountability and Democratic governance are key. We conduct:




Country/project specific reports

Election and Voting Advice

Legal Consultancy

Political analysis-Regional and country specific


Education Initiatives and support



Therefore our work is aimed to make an on going contribution to that end.


We hope you will join us in any way you can to improve the lives of millions of African peoples today, tomorrow and for the long-time future.